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Internal Polishing Machine--Solution for Polishing the Inside Surface of Stainless Steel Pipes

Date: 2014-07-08

Stainless steel tubes developed for use in the food and similar hygienic applications, such as dairy processing, beer manufacturing equipment, etc where the transfer of processed food, beverage etc. Free of contamination is an essential requirement.

The food industry generally requires a tube with no weld bead remnant on the inside surface if the intended service is handling product. All specifications call for the common grades 304, 304L, 316 and 316L. Round tube manufactured from cold rolled 2B finish strip using the TIG /Plasma welding method of production without filler.

In this process there are the added steps of lightly polishing the outside weld to remove traces of weld discolouration and most importantly the weld bead of the internal bore of the tube is mechanically compressed or “worked” to provide a more even “smooth” surface to prevent the build up of contaminants during food and general hygiene product processing. Our stainless steel round tube inside polishing machine is designed for meeting this requirement for the food grade welded stainless steel tubes.

Inside Polishing Machine for Stainless Steel Pipes Working Principle:
The round tube inside polishing machine working principle is by putting the polishing rod into the tube inside which is driven by motor to drive the flap wheel rotating at high speed, accompanied by the rotation of tube itself to achieve polishing process, at the same time the polishing rob will slowly moving forward. Generally speaking, first use 60 # -80 # flap wheel to roughly polish the tubes inside surface, the latter according to the requirements of surface finish gradually apply for fine polishing. If mechanical polishing can not achieve enough brightness for the surface finish, we can appropriately use some polishing paste when fining polishing.

Inside Polishing Machine main components & features:
The tube inside polishing machine is composed of machine base, tube fixing device, walking device, feeding and unloading frame, size adjusting device and control system.

Machine Features:
● Machine base is welded by stainless steel plate, strong and robust enough to make the working progress safe and steady.

● Tube fixing device: It is in round type and can rotate. Its function is to fix the tubes to ensure the polishing rod can be input into the tube exactly for polishing process. The device can fix eight pieces of pipe at the same time. When three of the tubes finished polishing, the pipe fixing device will rotate to unload them one by one.

● Walking device is by applying the poleless reduction motor to adjust speed. It’s driven by chain or chainwheel to move the polishing rod head going forward and back. There are three polishing wheels in each side, and the polishing wheel can be with different polishing material so that the pipe can be polished into different grade and no need to change the polishing wheel.

● Feeding and unloading frame. The frame use cylinder to control the straight guide rail to achieve tube feeding, moving and unloading automatically. Tube needs to be load on the feeding frame manually.

● Tube size adjusting device. The device is by adjusting the tube fixing device up and down to make the tube center height and the polishing rod head in a line.

Control system. The machine is with PLC control. It has automatic and manual two modes.

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