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How is stainless steel produced?

Date: 2013-11-29

Stainless steel is produced in integrated iron and steel plants or semi-integrated iron and steel plants (arc furnace).

Stainless steel is generally produced in arc furnaces with carbon electrodes by the alloying elements added to steel such as stainless steel junk, chrome, nickel, molib. The heat rises when the electricity passes through the carbon electrode of arc furnace.

The carbon amount is reduced (as known, stainless steel contains less carbon than smooth carbon). Then, the liquid is alloyed and it reached to aimed stainless steel analysis. The defrosting of stainless steel is and pouring in slab or ballet types are done in ignite pat or constant pouring machines.

Then, the material is heat-treated and rolled as hot or hammered to give the final figure. The thickness of the galvanizes, the radius of the chords and strips are reduced by cold rolling. Most stainless steel is heat-treated for smoothing the structure. Then, it is washed with acid to overcome the oxidation. Therefore, the protective film is formed in a natural way.

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