Design & Manufacture of Whole Plant Equipment for SS Tube Making, Coil Slitting & Cutting


Scotch-Brite (SB) Polishing Machine (Swing Type)

Scotch-Brite (SB) Polishing Machine (Swing Type)

SB, (Scotch Bright) the name suggests where this finishing come from, It is from Scotch Bright Rollers. Scotch-Brite finish is fast emerging as a preferred finish by users. This high-speed production machine with an economical operational/processing cost adopts 3 grinding heads, both of which are rotating as well as osculating.

The line is composed of: Inlet & Outlet Roller Table, SB Finishing Machine, Dust Collection Unit, Laminator etc.
Coiler & Recoiler System would also be added for Coil-to-Coil Solution if needed.

Machine Features:
● It is suitable for stainless steel, aluminum and composite panels
● Platform in feed rollers is attached with transmission device
● The horizontal swing ensures uniform effect on sheets
● The grinding pressure can be adjusted as per requirement
● Four columns are synchronized and lifted for best accuracy
● Oil finish