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8K Mirror Polishing Line(Plate)

8K Mirror Polishing Line(Plate)

1) This stainless steel 8K mirror auto polishing line have advanced grinding technology, can machining stainless steel (2B, BA) sheet.
2) Machine model have 32 grinding heads, 40 grinding heads, 48 grinding heads.
3) Whole production line including control center, grinding machine, washing machine, drying machine, film laminator and specialized tools.
4) Mirror (8K) Polishing Machine is composed of Inlet & Outlet Roller Table, Polishing Main Machine, Cleaning & Drying Unit, Laminator and electrical Control Unit etc.

Coiler & Decoiler System would also be added for Coil to Coil Solution if needed.

Machine Features:
● Environment Friendly, Liquid compound will be recycled and reused, No Compound leakage or Splash.
● High Working efficiency, Low Operation Cost.
● Compact Design, Machine parts are free from being etched by Polishing Compound.
● Stable Oscillation System, Vibration lines are avoided
● Adjustable Transmitting Speed, Forward and Backward Transmission
● Adjustable Polishing Pressure
● Fast Change of the Polishing heads
● Large Polishing head with High RPM
● Automatic thickness Adjustment, With Manual Assistance
● Perfect Cleaning & Drying Unit, No Water mark or dirt is left after Laminating
● Large Machine Space for Maintenance and Repairing.
● Easy Operation
● Best Cost Performance

Technique Parameters:

Model Head number Plate thickness(mm) Plate size(mm) Feed speed(M/min)
HD8101 48 0.5-3 1250 0.3-0.5
HD8102 56 0.5-3 1250 0.3-0.7
HD8103 64 0.5-3 1250 0.3-0.8
HD8104 64 0.5-6 1550 0.3-0.8