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Inline Bright Annealing Equipment

Inline Bright Annealing Equipment

1. Overview
In-line Bright Annealing Equipment is mainly used to in-line anneal AISI 300 and AISI 400 stainless steel pipe. The annealing process is completed under a controlled atmosphere (Pure Hydrogen) in order to assure the brightness of the surface and to re-gain the natural hardness of the material after forming and welding. Tube straightening is not required after the process.

In-line bright annealing equipment is based on Mosfet and IGBT transistor technology, and is available with output frequencies ranging from 10-400kHz and output power from 50-500kW according to requirements. It is used for continuous bright annealing, in a controlled atmosphere (pure hydrogen, while argon is utilized to flush the unit) of stainless steel welded pipes.

This type of equipment is generally installed on weld lines that utilize the TIG method and it enables continuous annealing and allows the surface of the pipe produced to be cleaned and polished.

The pipe is heated to a temperature of approximately 1,040˚C(SS304) and is then conduction-cooled so that large volumes of gas are not made to circulate. The equipment is supplied complete with gas management system, inductor, cooling tunnel, mobile support, equipment cooling system, temperature control system and control panel.

● Gas control panel (Argon/Nitrogen Hydrogen)
● Inductor
● Heating section
● Cooling tunnel
● Cooling section
● Temperature control system
● Close circuit Cooling section
● Cleaning section
● Electrical control panel

3.Equipment main features:
● Ready to use in-line process machine
● Direct process which avoids handling “time & costs”
● No need of tube straightening after the process
● Fast start-up and stop
● Very flexible cost-effective even in case of medium / small production
● Limited floor space required
● No need of additional personnel
● Limited amount of gas for creating inert atmosphere
● Very low amount of gas used during the in-line process

4.Schematic drawing

Inline Bright Annealing Equipment Schematic drawing

5.Technical data:

Pipe Diameter Wall Thickness Power Length (mm)
HDA-40 O.D.12-51mm 0.5-3.0mm 60KW 6000
HDA-50 O.D.25-76mm 0.5-3.5mm 80KW 6000
HDA-60 O.D.63-114mm 0.8-4.0mm 160KW 7000
HDA-80 O.D.76-168mm 1.0-4.5mm 200KW 8000
HDA-100 O.D.114-219mm 1.0-4.5mm 200KW 8000