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Equipment for Inside Weld Bead Control

Equipment for Inside Weld Bead Control

HD provide stainless steel from sheet to a tube/pipe where accomplish by different segments of machine to make a tube/pipe as forming machine, welding machine, sizing machine, annealing machine, straighten machine, cutting machine, polishing machine, ....etc. HD can provide if you want it individually.

Stainless steel welded pipe is superior to stainless steel seamless pipe in terms of material and mechanical properties, but the weld reinforcement of stainless steel welded pipe, especially the inside weld reinforcement control has always been a difficulty to be overcome by welding pipe industry. Though many manufactures tried inner blade or inner grinding device solution, the effect is not satisfied. This is the main impediment to further expend wider application in the welded pipe industry. Thus, in petroleum, chemical, nuclear power, boiler, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, stainless steel seamless pipe is still the mainly choice.

2.Our Equipment
The welding seam inside Leveling machines is composed of leveling frame, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, PLC fully automatic controlled electro-hydraulic pneumatic system, also including molds and rolling fluid circulation device.

3.Technical features
The principle of welding seam inside leveling machine is employing a built-in mandrel and roller, reciprocating rolling the stainless steel welded pipe automatically, by controlling the rolling strength and pass to level both inner and outer side of the welding seam , completely control the weld reinforcement to be flushed with the base material. Generally speaking, the technology is to achieve the seamless stainless steel welded pipe effect.

4.Schematic drawing

Schematic drawing

5. Technical Data

Model Pipe Diameter (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Working speed(m/min) Main Power(Kw)
HDP-40 O.D.12-51mm 0.5-2.0mm 0-6m/min 7.5KW
HDP-50 O.D.32-76mm 0.5-3.0mm 0-6m/min 11KW
HDP-60 O.D.50-114mm 0.8-3.5mm 0-4m/min 11KW
HDP-80 O.D.89-168mm 1.0-5.0mm 0-3m/min 15KW
HDP-100 O.D.127-219mm 2.0-6.5mm 0-2m/min 15KW
HDP-120 O.D.168-273mm 2.5-8.0mm 0-1.5m/min 18.5KW