Design & Manufacture of Whole Plant Equipment for SS Tube Making, Coil Slitting & Cutting

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Welcome to the product center of Foshan Hengda Machinery Co.,Limited. We have been engaged in the slitting machine industry since 1998, and in 2008, after accumulating enough manufacturing experience, the company expanded its business scope to produce stainless steel pipe making machinery. We are processional and reliable supplier for Automatic Slitting Machine, Cut-To-Length Line, and a variety of Stainless Steel Tube Mill Line and its peripheral equipment, such as: Round Tube Polishing Machine, Square and Rectangle Tube Polishing Machine, Rotary Type Swaging Machine, Tube Tapering Machine, Stainless Steel Sheet Polishing Machine, TIG welders, stainless steel machinery accessories and parts, etc.
Slitter Line

Coil Slitting Machine & CTL

We have been engaged in the slitting machine industry since 1998. Slitting lines are the right technological solutions to ensure high quality of the products in terms of dimensional tolerances. The equipment is designed to minimize the idle time and achieve a high production rate. We provide full service on customer's ...Learn more

Industrial Pipe/Tube Making Machine

Stainless Steel Tube/Pipe Making Machine

With TIG welding technology, the stainless steel pipe/tube making machine is manufacturing stainless steel pipe/tube under mass productions, pipe/ tube sizes ranging from 6mm to 325mm OD, in any shape equivalent to the OD. The machine adopts humanized design, featuring easy and safe to operate, labor saving, cost reduc...Learn more

Square/Rectangular Tube/Pipe Polishing Machine

Stainless Steel Tube/Pipe Polishing Machine

Pipe/Tube Polishing Machine is mainly used for polishing/buffing and drawing the surface of round, square and rectangular stainless steel pipe in large quantity. It offers economic solution for bright/mirror finishing of tubes using flap wheels, sisal wheels or buffs. We can also provide whole plant solution with dust ...Learn more

CNC Oil Pressure Hydraulic Servo Bending Machine

Metal Tube/Pipe Bending Machine

We are pipe processing machine export provider, such as sawing, cutting, chamfering, bending, rotary swaging & tube tapering, etc. What you want to do for your pipe/tube, we will supply the matching machine, perfectly meeting your needs.Learn more

Automatic High Speed Aluminum Cutting Machine

Metal Tube/Pipe Cutting Machine

Our wide range of tube and pipe cutting machines can handle small or large diameter tubes, offering you cut-to-size services. We supply pipe cutting machines for round, square, rectangle, flat bar, etc, as well as fully automated equipment featuring integrated logistics, or simpler, mobile versions.Learn more

Semi-Automatic Rotary Swaging Machine

Rotary Swaging Machine and Tube Tapering Machine

We are professional dealers of Dongguan LIDE Machinery Hardware Factory in China. LIDE has been professionally engaged in designing, R&D and manufacturing Rotary Swaging Machine, Tube/Pipe Tapering Machine, Square Tube/Pipe Tapering Machine, and other tube/pipe processing machines since 1996. The machines manufactu...Learn more

Small Wave Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Cold Roll Forming Machine

Cold roll forming is a continuous and highly efficient forming process that flat coil stock is made into a series of corrugated rolls. Cold roll forming machine has been extensively applied in our daily life. There are many cold roll formed products used in our houses, offices, warehouses, workshops and automobiles, et...Learn more

8K Mirror Polishing Line(Coil)

Stainless Steel Sheet Polishing Machine

We are reliable and professional supplier for polishing/grinding machine for metal sheet. According to the different configuration, the sheet polishing machine can reach No.4, No.6, Hairline(HL),SB, 8K mirror surfaces finish. The main process is using abrasive belt or scorch-brite grinding polishing corrugation. Materi...Learn more

Internal polishing machine of stainless steel pipe

Stainless Steel Round Pipe Internal Surface Polishing Machine

The round tube inside polishing machine working principle is by putting the polishing rod into the tube inside which is driven by motor to drive the flap wheel rotating at high speed, accompanied by the rotation of tube itself to achieve polishing process, at the same time the polishing rob will slowly moving forward.Learn more

Double Head Chamfering Machine

Other Machinery

We are dedicated to serve the stainless steel industry.If you are looking for first class quality stainless steel related machinery made in China, we will be more than happy to provide our sincere & professional advice based on our more than 30 years industry experience, and bring you to the right manufacturing fac...Learn more

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